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Friday, 5 February 2016

Introducing Coconut Lane

Arrow Bangle £10 | Anchor Bracelet £6.40 | Infinity Bracelet £6.40
Arrow Ring £7.20 | Anchor Ring £7.20 | Infinity Ring £7.20

Pastel Case £10.40 | Glen Coco Case £10.40 | Our Faves Case £10.40
Pineapple Case £10.40 | Mermaid Splash Case £10.40 | Flamingo Case £10.40

Stay Classy Wall Art from £4.80 | Goal Digger Wall Art from £4.80 | Diamond Wall Art from £4.80
Beyoncé Wall Art from £4.80 | Brunch Wall Art from £4.80 | Prada Wall Art from £4.80 | 

I first heard about Coconut Lane, a UK home and fashion accessory brand, back in November. They stock jewellery, phone cases, prints and gift cards. I literally want everything for sale and for that reason I haven't made a purchase yet. I have so many products in my cart so I thought I would share what I have been eyeing up and you can help me decide what to buy!

I have managed to narrow it down to my six favourite items of jewellery, my six favourite phone cases and my six favourite prints. I don't have an endless supply of money so I'm looking to buy two items of jewellery, one phone case and one print. Help me decide what I should purchase this month. I know there will be future purchases as everything is just so pretty and I won't be able to resist. But for now, I need to limit myself because life sucks and I have to pay bills!

Let me know what you think I should buy and if you fancy anything for yourself, Coconut Lane are offering Lost In Lipstick readers 20% off. Just go to www.coconut-lane.com/ and enter lostinlipstick20. And just in case you needed another reason, delivery is only £1.95!

Rachel x

P.S. The prices listed above are the prices you would pay if you use the code lostinlipstick20. You don't even  need to do the maths!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Travel Bucket List

The world is a beautiful planet and there are so many amazing places in the world that I would like to visit. I thought it would be fun to share them on my blog as a virtual list but also a good opportunity for you to share your advice if you've been to any of these cities/countries.

York (image source)

I'm kind of cheating here because a visit to York is already happening (in two weeks) but I want to document all of my travels on here so why not include the beautiful, historic town of York. We have actually been to York but it was about 7 years ago. We had a great time and knew we would always visit again in the future. Last time, we stayed in a cute little B&B but it was a long walk to the centre of town as there was nowhere central to park. This time we decided to stay in a budget chain hotel in the center so that we are closer to everything and have more money to explore everything York has to offer. We visited the York Minster on our last visit and even climbed all those steps to the top of the tower. We also went to Jorvik Viking Centre, which is fantastic and very educational. This year, I would like to visit York Castle Museum and see The Shambles again. Obviously, a walk along the City Walls will feature as this is a must! If you have any other recommendations please let me know.

Amsterdam (image source)

I have wanted to go to Amsterdam for ages now and I know so many people who have been and fell in love. As you may know, I booked flights and a hotel as a surprise for Rory's Christmas present. We're going at the end of March just after Easter. We're both so excited and there are so many attractions/places that we want to see and visit. We definitely want to see Anne Frank's House and visit at least one museum. At the moment, favourites are Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum but we're open to suggestions. I would also love to pack a picnic and spend an afternoon in Vondelpark. A visit to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without a canal cruise and a bike ride so I think these are definitely on the cards. Any other attractions/places you think we need to visit?

Paris (image source)

I know it's a cliché but I really want to go to Paris. I would love my husband to surprise me with a visit as I just think it would be so romantic. Although, I don't know why but I think I would be massively disappointed. Paris is probably no different on the romance level than other cities but the film industry has portrayed it as the capital of romance. I can speak a little French (I got an A at GCSE) and there are many sights and attractions that I would love to tick off my list. Obviously, I would like to go up the Eiffel Tower and look at the wonderful view. I would also love to see and visit The Louvre. I'm fascinated with the architecture as well as the art inside. I would also love to see Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. Have you been to Paris? Do you recommend it?

Northern Lights (image source)

Before we die, Rory and I would both love to see The Northern Lights. I know there are several places you can go to see them but I'm not sure where is the best place to see this magnificent phenomenon. I know there is Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden where you can get a glimpse so we would have to do our research and see which place is the best and also where we would like to go the most as I would love to visit all four countries in my lifetime. I think I only know two people who have seen The Northern Lights and one of those people didn't see them until their third trip! I suppose that makes them even more special as you aren't guaranteed to see them even if you travel somewhere like Iceland.

New York (image source)

I bet there aren't many girls (or boys) who would say no to a trip to New York. I would love to save up for ages and go on a mega shopping spree! There are also many sights I would have to see. It would be awesome to see all of the sets of the films/TV series that I love like Sex and the City, Friends and Gossip Girl. I would also love to see Central Park, a show on Broadway, The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty. All of the obvious tourist attractions!

What is at the top of your travel bucket list? Do you have any recommendations of places you think I would love?

Rachel x
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