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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Grey Velvet - Review

I've been wearing eyeliner on my waterline since at least year 9. I can remember holding up the mirror while we took it in turns to apply our eyeliner at the start of English. Strange memory considering I can't remember much else! I also remember being amazed when my friend no longer needed the mirror! She was a pro in my eyes!

Fast forward to over 10 years later and I still wear eyeliner on my waterline (I still need a mirror. I don't trust myself to not poke my eyeball!) I don't wear it for work though as I work in a school. As I have blonde hair and pale skin, I often get "Miss, why are your eyes black?" It's just not worth the hassle. Kids notice EVERYTHING! I do wear it when I'm doing my make up for an occasion or meeting friends.

For at least six months now, my eyeliner of choice has been the Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Grey Velvet. It's not as harsh as black but still defines the eyes beautifully. As I said earlier, I only wear it on my waterline so I'm not sure how it applies when using it to line your top lashes. When I swatch it on the back of my hand, the formula seems creamy and glides smoothly on my skin so I imagine it would be perfect. 

As the formula is waterproof, it's great for the waterline as it stays put longer than non waterproof alternatives. (Obviously!) By the end of the day, it has already wore off but I've read plenty of reviews that say it's easy to remove with make up remover or a good cleanser. Overall a winner in my eyes and I would repurchase again in grey or black as I'm a creature of habit and not brave enough for coloured eyeliners!

Rachel x

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

December Empties

Faith In Nature Coconut Shampoo* & Faith In Nature Coconut Conditioner* - I received this haircare duo back in Autumn and I wrote a review which you can read here so I won't go into too much detail. I'm a big fan of Faith In Nature after using these and I'm definitely going to purchase them in the future. I have so many half used shampoo and conditioners in my bathroom drawers that I'm currently doing a 'shopping the stash' thing but once I use up a lot of them, I will be online purchasing.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash - I love Soap & Glory products and Sugar Crush is my favourite range. This actually featured in My 14 favourite beauty products of 2014 and I'm definitely going to be repurchasing. Obviously the scent is my favourite thing but it also foams really nicely and moisturises my skin at the same time.

Simple Eye Make Up Remover - I'm going to stick to what I said in my November Empties post and use one product to remove all my make up. This was my last bottle and I haven't repurchased since. I'm currently using Garnier Micellar Water and so far so good. It does a great job of removing all make up and it doesn't sting my eyes. 

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash - I've fallen out of love with this cleanser or I'm bored of it. Either way, I purchased Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish just before Christmas which I have been using since I ran out of this. My skin became pretty bad over Christmas probably due to the large volumes of cheese and chocolate that I know I shouldn't eat. Cleanse & Polish has helped to sort that out so I will no longer be purchasing Clean & Clear.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - I actually bought this in Summer and took it to Mexico to use as my daily moisturiser as I knew I'd want to wear something light. It was perfect for those hot days to wear under my SPF. I used it once we were home for a month or so but then reverted back to my regular moisturiser. I recently found it with a little bit of product left so used it up. My skin is really oily at the moment, more than it's ever been but my cheeks are pretty dry so I don't know whether to repurchase now or wait until Summer.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair* - I received this last Summer in a goodie bag. I used it everyday, several times a day for months but unfortunately my lips didn't improve. When I reverted to my trusty Nuxe Reve de Miel, my lips were a lot smoother and nourished. As it's worth £20, I continued to use it but I don't feel it's the product for me. I had high expectations but I was let down and I wouldn't purchase this myself.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer - After watching a few tutorials lately, I have been applying this in a triangle shape under my eyes which makes use of the highlighting feature more and I have to say I prefer it so much more now. As I've mentioned before, I use this rather than Lasting Perfection under my eyes as I find it too thick. Illuminating Touch conceals and brightens at the same time making it the perfect under eye concealer for those on a budget.

Impulse Body Spray in Tease - Back to my trusty body spray! When it's on offer for 99p/£1 who can resist? I always stock up which is something I need to do as I'm currently using the new scent which I don't like. As soon as I find Tease on offer I will buy several months worth!

Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau de Parfum - I've had this perfume for about four years now. I have no idea how long you're supposed to keep them for. Do they go off? Okay, I've just Googled it and according to a few websites, less than four years! In my opinion, the scent hasn't changed in that time so I wouldn't say it had gone off. This was a lovely scent and I would definitely repurchase in the future. I would say it's more suited to day wear than evening wear.

Rachel x

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Favourite Moments of 2014

2014 was an epic year. Obviously, my favourite moment was getting married but there were a few other events that made 2014 memorable. I love composing this post each year as it's a perfect way to reflect back on the year and see just how many burgers and pizzas I ate! 2014 was also the year I started drinking again so there were lots of pictures of delicious cocktails! I have literally scrolled through an entire years worth of Instagram posts and selected my favourites. I thoroughly enjoyed planning our wedding and I actually miss it. I had two amazing holidays in 2014. Firstly, I went to Tenerife with my friends for my Hen Do and then we went to Mexico for our Honeymoon. Similarly to 2013, I was invited to lots of blogger events and met some lovely new bloggers as well as creating new memories with bloggers I had previously met. Thank you 2014 for an amazing year. Here's to 2015!

Planning our wedding

Hen Do in Tenerife

Engagement photoshoot


Getting married to the love of my life

Honeymoon in Mexico

Bonfire Night


More Christmas

Lost In Lipstick

Beautiful Bloggers

Wonderful opportunities

Delicious drinks

Scrumptious food

Mouth-watering desserts

Awesome series on Netflix

What have been your favourite moments of 2014?

Rachel x

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