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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Whitby Photo Diary - July 2015

Back in July, the day after I broke up from school, we headed to Whitby for the week. Rory and I, my mum and dad, my sister and my nephew, and my nephew's Buddy Dog, Lottie headed up in two cars which took a total of two and a half hours. We were actually staying in Sandsend, which was less than 10 minutes away from Whitby. We booked a three bedroom cottage for the week which had a lovely cosy vibe.

I have included photos of our accommodation as it was so beautiful and I love having a nosy at where people stay when they go on holiday. The cottage was called Harebell and you can find out more here. I have also included some photos I have taken so you can get a feel for Sandsend/Whitby.

We had a lovely week and we were actually pretty lucky with the weather and only had one day of rain. Sandsend is a small picturesque village on a beautiful beach and Whitby has things to suit everyone of all ages. I recommend both places.

This post is a photo diary so it will be picture heavy. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Rachel x

Sandsend Beach

Sandsend Beach

The front of our cottage

The back of our cottage

Our living room

Open plan living area

Our dining room

Our kitchen

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Our back garden


Sandside Cafe in Sandsend

Daily Specials

Fresh Whitby Crab Sandwich

Whitby Sunset

Whitby Sunset

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Whale bone arch

The Endeavour 

The Endeavour

Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Garden

Falling Foss Waterfall

Falling Foss Waterfall

Beautiful flowers

Whitby Museum and Pannett Art Gallery

Pannett Art Gallery

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Meet Your Match at TGI Fridays

At the beginning of August, I was invited to TGI Fridays at Royal Exchange, Manchester to sample the unveiling of their new menu. Very kindly, I was allowed to bring a plus one. My husband is also a massive TGIs fan so I brought him along.

We were greeted by the friendly staff who chatted to us all night and it was very clear they love their job! The staff recommended cocktails as well as new items from the menu which they thought we would love. They know their stuff as we were not disappointed!

For starters we shared the Bucket of Bones. Oh My God! Heaven. I'm not usually a fan of ribs as they can be chewy, too messy and not enough meat. However these were amazing and I've been craving them ever since! The chicken wings were delicious too but the ribs stole the show!

I chose Tostado Stacks for my main which were nice but it wasn't until later that I realised I could have had chicken which I would have preferred. Rory went for The Warrior Burger. Obviously! He was very impressed but it was those ribs that left us wanting more.

We both had a lovely evening in a fantastic restaurant with delicious food and drink. Thank you very much to TGI Fridays for the invitation. We'll be back soon!

Double-Layered Nachos
"This is the dude that everyone gets on with. A single portion of corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, chilies and jalapenos, served alongside super smooth Fridays Spicy Guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and sour cream. All it wants to do is make you happy, which is why you can have it with either blackened chicken or Jack Daniel's Beef Chilli."

Jack Daniel's Pork Belly
"This tasty little number is guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Barbequed pork belly is smothered in Jack Daniel's glaze, toasted Sesame seeds and chilli flakes, served with fresh apple slaw. You'll remember this one long after it's gone."

Jack Daniel's Bucket of Bones
"Easy-going, laid-back, but packed with enough attitude to keep you coming back for more. Featuring slow-cooked pork ribs and chicken wings tossed in Jack Daniel's glaze, toasted sesame seeds and chili flakes, topped with Texan toothpicks - it's enough for two, so you'd better make it a double date."

Smoked Tomato Bruschetta
"Such a flirt! This smoky, saucy item features sumptuous tomatoes marinated in smoked oil with garlic, crisp basil and Mozzarella served on toasted ciabatta bread. It knows how to make an entrance, attracting attention wherever it turns up."

Chicken Finger BLT Waffle
"This one has a sweet side you perhaps wouldn't expect! Crispy chicken breast tenders served in a sweet waffle with melted cheese, rocket, fresh tomato, bacon and honey mustard mayo – it may be a little different but it'll never let you down."

The Warrior Burger
"Meet the alpha male of the group. Getting together with this one could leave you feeling like a champion – if you can handle it. Featuring two 7oz burgers piled high with Mozzarella dippers, Colby cheese, crispy bacon, American cheese, caramelised onions and Fridays Mayo. Served with crispy fries and onion rings, glory awaits those who can take on The Warrior."

Jack Daniel's Chili Dog
"Get your game face on and meet your match. One for all the Jack Daniel's sauce fans out there, introducing this grilled pork 'dog topped with hot and smoky Jack Daniel's beef chilli, diced onions, Colby cheese, chilies and American mustard. What more could you ask for from your perfect match?"

Tostada Stacks - Roasted Vegetable (v)
"The sociable type, you're going to want to get to know this one better. Featuring crispy flour tortillas packed with melted cheese, Cajun-spiced rice, chilies, garlic vegetables and topped with pico de gallo, Southwest sour cream and Fridays Spicy Guacamole, there are hidden, hotter depths when it comes to this dish. Choose chicken if you prefer."

Rachel x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Another Update...

I know I posted one of these back in February saying I was back from a short blogging break but I only blogged a handful of times after that before an unplanned 5 month break.

For me, blogging is a hobby and although I love blogging it wasn't something I fancied doing after being at work all day during the past few months. It's hard to explain but I just didn't want to blog. I didn't want to resent my blog and the blogging community so I decided to let the break take its course.

I originally thought the six week summer holidays would be the perfect chance to get back into the swing of things but I was actually away for three separate weeks with not much time in between to think about blogging. (I may do a blog post for each of those. Maybe a photo diary.)

Fast forward to now - we have no more holidays booked and in one week I start back at work. I still think about blogging and I always think 'That'll make a good blog post' or 'I can't wait to blog about this'.

I'm going to start blogging again but only when I want to and hope that it becomes regular but I'm not going to force it. As I said I love blogging but I don't want it to become something I hate.

Have you been in a similar situation? Did you overcome it?

Rachel x

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